Our medical team are registered doctors and nurses in Bali. We are experienced in medical home service especially IV Drip delivery for 10 years. We are open 24/7 and available in Bali area. We are committed to deliver our service to your place in a quick manner.

Sentral IVs offers variety
of IV Drip treatments for your health needs.

At Sentral IVs, we offer a variety of IV Therapy treatments, including our Mobile IV Drip Home Service, to cater to your health needs. our mission is to prioritize your well-being by offering a wide range of IV Drip treatments designed specifically to meet your individual health needs.

Our goal is to offer you comprehensive hydration solutions that support your well-being and promote a sense of vitality and rejuvenation. Each of our Bali IV Therapy is specifically designed to cater to specific health concerns and goals, providing specialized care to boost your energy levels and promote holistic health.

Book a session with us today to experience the benefits firsthand, and don’t forget to take advantage of our free consultation to explore how Sentral IVs can enhance your overall health and wellness journey.

Basic Hydration:
Maintaining proper fluid balance is essential for your overall well-being. Our Basic Hydration treatment is designed to swiftly rehydrate your body and efficiently replenish lost fluids. Taking care of your body’s equilibrium is essential for overall well-being.


Advance Hangover:
If you’ve enjoyed a night of celebration and are now experiencing the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover, our Advanced Hangover treatment is available to help relieve your discomfort. Our product offers fast rehydration and provides immediate relief from the discomfort of a hangover, allowing you to fully enjoy your day.


Bali Belly Recovery:
Traveler’s diarrhea can ruin your trip, but don’t worry, our Bali Belly Recovery treatment can help. Say goodbye to the discomfort and enjoy exotic cuisine without worries, as this treatment aids in recovery.

Beauty Detox:
Radiant beauty starts from within, and our Beauty Detox treatment is designed to nourish your body, promoting a healthier and more beautiful you. This treatment offers a holistic approach to enhancing your outer beauty by addressing internal health.

Strong Defense:
Strengthening your immune system is vital for overall health. Our Strong Defense treatment aims to boost your immune system, offering the necessary support to help protect your body against illnesses and maintain optimal strength.


Ultimate Care:
Complement your workout routine with our Ultimate Care treatment.
It helps accelerate fat burning and safeguards your cardiovascular system, enabling you to achieve your fitness goals more effectively.


Lung Care:
Breathe easier with our Lung Care treatment, which aids in breaking down phlegm and improving lung health. Whether you’re battling respiratory issues or simply aiming for better lung function, this treatment can be a game-changer.


Dengue Care:
Dengue fever can be life-threatening, but Sentral IVs’ Dengue Care treatment is your lifeline. Alongside this treatment, we include a complete blood count test to ensure you receive the most optimal care and treatment.

At Sentral IVs, your health and wellness are our top priorities. Our IV Drip treatments are designed to boost your energy and address your health needs, with the support and oversight of experienced healthcare professionals. Experience a holistic approach to wellness with Sentral IVs, where we also offer healthcare supplements and other wellness services. Book a session now and begin your journey towards a healthier, happier you.

It’s important to note that the services provided by Sentral IVs have not undergone evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While IV Drip therapy offers numerous benefits, it should not be considered a substitute for medical treatment prescribed by your healthcare provider. The information provided on our website should not be construed as medical advice or an assessment of any specific medical condition. We strongly advise consulting with your physician prior to starting any therapy program to ensure your safety and well-being.

IV Treatments

Sentral IVs is committed to guiding clients and their families through a seamless continuum of community-based care. We deliver services in a well-coordinated manner that not only elevates the quality of care but also offers the assurance and tranquility that loved ones are receiving appropriate and compassionate support. To take the next step towards your health and well-being, book a session now or send us a message for a free consultation.

Price IDR 1.200K

Our complete Bali Belly prevention package has been meticulously crafted to keep you healthy and comfortable while you travel. We really care about your well-being, which is why our package includes a powerful combination of essential components:

  • Stomach Protector: Shields your digestive system against pathogens.
  • Anti Nausea Injection: Combats nausea for a comfortable journey.
  • Vitamin B Complex: Boosts overall health and immunity.
  • 500ml Electrolyte Solution: Maintains vital fluid balance.
  • 500ml Saline Solution: Provides hydration and energy.

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Price IDR 900K

Our Basic Care IV treatment provides essential hydration to rapidly replenish your body’s fluids and prevent dehydration. Whether you’re recovering from a night of celebration, managing the effects of a hot day, or simply prioritizing your well-being, our Basic Care treatment is your go-to solution for quick and effective hydration.

  • 1000ml of Saline: Rapidly rehydrate your body with essential electrolytes and fluids.
  • 1000mg of Vitamin C: Boost your immune system and support overall health.

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Price IDR 1.350K

Our advanced care hangover recovery treatment not only provides immediate relief from the discomfort of a hangover but also acts as a preventive measure against potential liver injury caused by alcohol consumption.

  • Vitamin B1, B6, B12: Boosting metabolism and reducing fatigue.
  • Vitamin C: Countering oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Powerful Antioxidants: Neutralizing harmful free radicals.
  • Electrolyte Solution (500ml): Restoring electrolyte balance and preventing dehydration.
  • Saline Solution (500ml): Rehydrating, detoxifying, and supporting organ function.

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Price IDR 1.500K

Indulge in a skin-rejuvenating experience with our Beauty Detox IV Drip, meticulously formulated to elevate your skincare regimen. This powerful infusion combines high levels of antioxidants and 2000mg of Vitamin C. Say hello to brighter, healthier skin with our meticulously crafted Beauty Detox IV Drip.

  • Powerful Antioxidants: Fights free radicals for anti-aging protection.
  • 2000mg Vitamin C: Brightens skin, reduces dark spots, and boosts collagen.
  • Super Antioxidant: Enhances skin defense and vitality.
  • Balanced Saline Solution: Ensures effective delivery for maximum benefits.

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Price IDR 1.200K

Discover the Advantages of Iron IV Drip Therapy
for Anemia at Sentral IVs

Iron deficiency anemia is a common medical condition that occurs when your body does not have enough iron to produce a sufficient amount of red blood cells and hemoglobin. In some cases, individuals may need a faster and more effective solution, although oral iron supplements are commonly used as the initial treatment option. At Sentral IVs, we offer an advanced approach to address this issue – the Iron IV Drip.

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Price IDR 1.700K

Elevate your vitality with our Strong Defense IV Drip. This treatment offers a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals meticulously chosen to promote a strong immune system, sustained energy levels, and relief from fatigue, making it the ideal choice for those leading an active lifestyle.

  • Vitamin B1, B6, B12: Boost energy, mood, and nerve function.
  • Vitamins A, C, D, E: Strengthen immunity and support skin health.
  • Zinc: Enhance immune defense and aid in wound healing.
  • Antioxidants: Combat oxidative stress for overall well-being.
  • 1000ml of Saline Solution: Ensure efficient nutrient absorption, leaving you refreshed and revitalized

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Price IDR 1.500K

Experience the Ultimate Care IV Drip, a complimentary infusion therapy tailored to supercharge your workout routine. This specialized treatment not only accelerates fat burning but also shields your cardiovascular system. Achieve your fitness goals with enhanced efficiency and safeguard your heart’s health.

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Price IDR 1.500K

Our Lung Care IV Drip treatment is a specialized drip therapy made to break up phlegm effectively. This is especially important for COVID-19 patients who have trouble breathing. This method uses strong antioxidants to not only get rid of phlegm but also improve and support lung health in general.

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Price IDR 1.400K

Discover our specialized electrolite and multivitamin infusion therapy designed to aid individuals battling dengue fever. This treatment, combined with a comprehensive complete blood count test, ensures you receive the precise care needed to combat the effects of this illness, promoting a swifter and more comfortable recovery.

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Price IDR 1.500K

Ever feel overrun by life? The nagging sensation of negative thought in life? When professional help that you need most out price you, we may able to help. Connect to our Intravenous drip relaxant package, just to forget to relax to rest. Temporary ? Yes! Aren’t us and all our problem? Free consult with our nurses and doctor if this is suitable for you.

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IV Package
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for group bookings with minimum 5 people. Perfect for recovery and wallness program with your beloved friends or family.


Gym Boost

Our Gym Boost is the secret to unlocking your full workout potential. This specially crafted Fitness Boosting Amino Acid shot is designed to maximize your training results. By promoting muscle growth and accelerating fat burning, it ensures that every moment at the gym is a step closer to your fitness goals. Elevate your exercise routine and witness the transformation.

Extra C Booster

For those seeking an extra dose of antioxidant vitamin C, our Extra C Booster is the perfect solution. These additional vials offer an elevated level of protection against free radicals, bolstering your immune system and enhancing overall health. Embrace the power of vitamin C and reinforce your body’s natural defenses.

Multivitamin Booster

The Multivitamin Booster is your one-stop solution for complete well-being. Packed with essential vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, and E, it’s a comprehensive energy booster and immune system enhancer. Say goodbye to weakness as this blend rejuvenates your body from the inside out.

Magnesium Boost

Combat headaches, muscle weakness, and fatigue with our Magnesium Boost. This essential mineral alleviates pain, strengthens muscles, and reduces fatigue, ensuring you’re always at your peak performance. Experience the rejuvenating benefits of magnesium to recharge your body and embrace each day with a fresh burst of energy.


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  • You can find many benefits in IV Drip from healthier body and healthier skin.
  • All our intravenous treatments are administered and performed by certified and  professional medical practitioner. Contact us for more information.
  • Sentral IVs always ensures that our patient receive safe and high quality IV ingredients. We also strictly follow international hospital standard.
  • All our medical devices such as syringe are sterile and single use only and all medical waste will disposed safely.


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